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The one and only Ivan by: Katherine Applegate


This book won a John Newberry award medal for the most distinguished contribution to american literature for children. It is a book based on a true story about a gorilla who was taken away from his family in the wild and was forced to live in a zoo cage in a mall for the rest of his life, And the hard obsticles and tradeties that he has to go through to save a baby elaphant.

Life Lessons

This book can teach children many things and encourage them to go beyond just some of the stuff that everyone needs to know. Like Julia in the one and only ivan, and george (Her dad) saved Ivan and Ruby (Ivan-gorilla and Ruby-elaphant) Julia learned that you can tell what an animal is felling by the way it acts , and that once you know that an animal is being mistreated or does not like it's present life than you shhould help it. Like Julia did she told her father about what she was seeing in the animals. The animals finnaly made it to a zoo


"In cheering for Ivan and his freind's we cheer for our own humanity, And our own possibilities. Read this!" - Gary T. schmidt.Newberry award author for " The Wendsday Wars. " This beutiful, Life affirming story, will soar directly from Ivans heart into yours.- Newberry award author Kathi Appelt." Our class was reading this book , and everyone loved it we would always want more." 11 Year old Alexia Booth .

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