iOS- Independent Oil States

Josh Jamison

Independent Oil States (iOS)

The iOS is an organization that tries to help America use little to no oil, due to our excessive dependece on foreign oil.

The Problem

America depends on the Middle East for oil. With political problems between countries, trust can be an issue. The al Qaeda wants to take over the Saudi Arabian government- if that happens, America wouldn't have a way to get oil from Saudi Arabia. America is also having issues with the government of Iran, because the U.S. believes that Iran supports terrorist, according to the article Oil And Turmoil , by Neal G. Lineback.

Plan Of Action

The iOS has a plan of action to help America Become an independent nation when it comes to oil. The iOS plan of action has five steps to help America reach that independence:

1- We can use renewable resources like solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity to power our vehicles.
2- An obvious solution is to use more of the oil reserves in our own country so we won't have to depend on foreign oil.
3- America can use less oil by riding bicycles, the school bus, carpooling, or walking.
4- We can also continue researching to find an alternate resource for when we eventually run out of oil.
5- Recycling and using clothing and shoes for as long as possible can help us use less oil than necessary.

Renewable Resources