England Colonies (NE)

Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts


This was the first colony to have a written constitution. It was called "The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut". Founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker its form of government was a Corporate Charter. Its Established religion was Puritanism. It got its income from mixed farming.

Rhode Island

First off, its the dumpster of Massachusetts. Found in 1636 by Roger Williams. Made money from fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding. With no established religion its government type was a Corporate Charter.

New Hampshire

Founded in 1623 by John Mason. With a puritan religion the colony was first Corporate and later ended up being royal. Inhabited the Abenaki Indians. Made its money through ship building.


Found by John Winthrop in 1620. this colonies' established religion was puritanism. They believed that they could purify the church of England. It was a Royal Province under a charter and they way it made its money is through fishing.