Panther News

September 11-15

Panther Science (McDermott)

Monday- Hypothesis Straw Lab

Tuesday- Chapter 1, Lesson 1 Guided Reading

Wednesday- Vocabulary Quiz/ Begin Rotocopter Lab

Thursday- Rotocopter Lab

Friday- Complete Rotocopter Lab/ Test Review

Panther Science (Edrington)

Panther Social Studies (Hardcastle)

Monday: Landforms last set of 6

Tuesday: Working on Geo dictionaries, map skills

Wednesday: continued work on Geo dictionaries, map skills

Thursday: Finishing Geo dictionaries, map skills

Friday: Geo dictionaries due - major grade

Panther Math

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Panther ELA (Francis)

Mon - Generating Ideas using your Senses'

Tues - Elaborate on your ideas

Wed - Hear The Story

Thurs - Fix the Fuzziness

Fri - Inferencing

Panther (Gallagher)

Monday: Inroduction to vocabulary
Generating writing ideas from books
Wednesday: Hear the Story, Reading for a purpose
Thursday: Fix the Fuzziness, Improving ideas
Friday: Inferring through pictures and picture books