VCR 7 Presentation

By Patrick O'Connor

Fill In The Blank With The Best Word From Lesson 7:

After his daughter's death, Jacob became depressed and spiraled out of control to his ________.




n. death, or the end of existence or operation of something


  1. Ultimately, the Haymarket Square Riot contributed to the demise of the Knights of Labor.
  2. Jill's drug addiction was the primary factor in her demise.


  • death
  • dying
  • end


  • birth
  • start

Choose the Letter of the Sentence Where the Word in Bold Faced Type is Used Incorrectly:

A) It was sad to see him meet his demise.

B) Jimmy's demise was the primary result of his overeating; at his death, he weighed in at 512 pounds.

C) Susan demised because of her own wrongdoings.

D) His business's demise was brought about by the competition undercutting his prices.


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