by will raskovich





  1. steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

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louie zampirini

Louie zampirini has gone through alot in the book Unbroken. He has durring his service in the milatary his plane was shot down and him and four of his crew mates were stranded at sea. After weeks of floating around on the 49 day one of his mates died and still no one to help. but, on the 69th day they are rescude by japanese solidiers and are questioned but louie is confused on what to tell him.

“Louie tried to anticipate questions. He thought of the things he could tell and those he had to keep secret.” (Hillenbrand, p. 141)

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Another example of perseverance can be found in our close reading packet called “Trapped.” It was about the collapse of a mine in Chile. There were 33 men trapped under thousands of feet of rock and had only a can of tuna and water to survive on. As the men gathered together, they assigned each person a role. “Three men quickly took roles as leaders.”

why perseverance is important

Perseverance is a huge part in people around the world.
"No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance." If you have no motivation to accomplish a goal you will not succeed. The only way achieve your goal is if you put effort in it and you will get there. The people I listed went through a lot in there lives, but they found away around it. If you only try once and fail don't give up because if you give up your never going to get there. If any thing comes in your way push right through that problem and achieve it!