South America By Christian Dieter


Q-What are the foods and languages in Ecuador?

A-About 75 percent of people in Ecuador consider themselves Mestizos which are both European and African American,and they speak Spanish.The foods are fish,bannanas,cocoa,and fruits.


Q-What is the climate how does it effect the people?

A-The high Andes Mountains rise through central Ecuador, causing much trouble for people to cross.The climate of Ecuador varies by region due to differences in altitude and its closeness to the Equator.The coastal lowlands in the west are typically warm.


Q-What type of money is there and how much do they make?

A-The currency is the US dollar.The total labor force is 4.53 million.


Q- What wars have their tribes been in before Ecuador was a country?

A-In the 1400's,Inca Indians from Peru conquered much of what is now Ecuador from the Ecuadorians.Ecuador and Peru had another war called the "Ecuador-Peru Border War of 1941".