Silver Snowflake

By: Halle Robinson

About Silver Snowflake

Aurora Gamella (abbreviated Ag) was born in a rural area of Texas where she spent her childhood and early teenage years tending a farm. Her parents died when she was 18 years old. When she was 19 she left Texas to move to New York and now lives in a big apartment.

One day Aurora was walking alongside an alley along the city streets and, without looking where she was going, accidentally bumped into some white-ish gray radioactive powder sitting on top of a stack of bricks that spilled all over her body and made her hair permanently (unbeknowest to her) turn pure, shiny silver. It also gave her the magic ability to make mirrors using her hands which can deflect enemy attacks and transform rusting silver objects into being shiny and lustrous. She tried washing it out several times but couldn't get the silver color to leave. Since then, she decided that, realizing what type of powers she had, becoming a superhero was the next best thing for her, considering she didn't have a career.

She has an atomic number of 47 and an average atomic mass of 107.8682 units. Her symbol or logo is Ag (the name is silver).

Aurora (aka Silver Snowflake) has 47 protons and 47 electrons (she is a neutral:))

Three characteristics of metal are: It's solid at room temperature, located in the d-block on the periodic table, and its density is 10.5 g/cm cubed.

Silver can be used to make mirrors, build electrical circuits, and making printed circuits.

Silver Snowflake's powers include making mirrors to deflect enemy's attacks and thrash pure silver blocks to kill of enemies. She can also create human-sized working electrical circuit traps

Strengths: Is super ductile, can stretch her body in all kinds of ways, super fast, and can operate metal machinery greatly

Weaknesses: will die while tarnishing (only if exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time)

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