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Hey iGIP!

How are you guys? It's been quite a while since we've seen each other :( Not to worry, we will see each other tomorrow for the orientation and the next few weeks for the SUPER AMAZING RACE!! Who's excited? ;) I have two really important things to talk to you about! Enjoy the newsletter :)

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Amazing Race

The Calling: National Sales Recruitment

Member Performance

To-do List

Love, Julia

The Amazing Race

A sneak preview of what will happen

The Amazing Race: AIESEC Peru Edition

Amazing Race Orientation

Tuesday, Nov. 19th, 7-8pm

MC Flat

There must be at LEAST ONE MEMBER from each team present. I will take videos of you for the team launch of the Amazing Race! The instructions for the game will be discussed during this orientation so bring your notebooks! :) Hasta manana!

The Amazing Race

Thursday, Nov. 21st, 2-5:30pm


The location will be announced tomorrow during the orientation. See you there! ;)


1. Wear formal attire

2. Wear FLAT SHOES (for the ladies! If you want to wear high heels, i suggest you bring flat shoes in your bags)

3. Bring your proposals and calling cards

4. Bring a CAMERA for documentation (no crappy camera phones please!)

5. Bring a cellphone with WIFI for TWITTER (extra points)

Make sure there are at least 3 people in your team with ONE non-iGIP member.

The Calling


So far, I've only had one applicant for The Calling. Please invite your friends to be part of this national sales team. I'm looking for non-AIESECers to be our next generation of STAR SELLERS! If you have any friends who you think would make GREAT AIESECers and who have the potential to be GOOD SELLERS, please invite them :)

Things to do:

1. Change your cover photo to The Calling

2. Invite 2 of your friends who you think would be good sellers and give them this letter: http://issuu.com/juliafullflightchu/docs/the_calling_invitation_letter

3. Tell me the names of the two people you recommended:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1f-ykmYku3HUrQkG5rbQkxDcSyXU3NtdTbrBn-I1InQs/viewform


Member Performance

Analysis and Local Strategies

We haven't been having such good or consistent performance in the past few weeks so after meeting with your VPs, the following strategies will be implemented starting this week:

1. Mandatory 1 meeting per week: Each member will be required to have 1 meeting per week. If you did not achieve it this week, it will be carried over to next week. Meaning, if after 3 weeks you still have had NO meetings, you will need to have 4 meetings at the end of the month. Members will be put up for evaluation for being unable to meet these goals either for coaching or possible re-allocation. Talk to your VPs about it :)

2. Amazing Race! This is to help you guys set those meetings! ;) Ready, set, race!

TO-DO LIST for the week

Please reply!

1. New Training for new members: Who else wants to help facilitate and deliver sessions? So far, I have two volunteers, Ernesto and Valery. I need at least 1-2 more people :)

2. Area meetings: network meetings with everyone present every two weeks! What do you think? This will happen virtually and in person if we can manage everyone's schedules.

3. Market Research: CLPA to share information with us on their format for market research. Also, please email us with your feedback for the market research:julio.benitez@aiesec.net and julia.chu@aiesec.net

4. Calling Cards and synergy points with corners

5. PREPARE FOR THE AMAZING RACE! Bring your camera, your phone, your calling cards and proposals. Wear formal attire.

6. The Calling: Invite your friends to join the national sales team :)

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