Teenage Sitter

You won't need another sitter/tutor again!

Why pick me?

I am a teenager who is trying to earn money for college. I can babysit, pet sit, and tutor. I am very experienced, and open to the opportunity of helping people and preparing for college. Although I am young, I am mature and connect well to young children. I have also been in advanced classes my whole life, so I can tutor in many different subjects. Along with all of that, I have had countless pets and even fostered a few. i make it my priority to educate children, and care for children and animals.

I am available seven days a week!

No matter how anxious I am to work, I also need to balance my schoolwork with my job. That is why the hours listed are more limited on some days then others. The schedule is listed below:

Monday- 5 o'clock pm to 8 o'clock pm

Tuesday- 5 o'clock pm to 8 o'clock pm

Wednesday- 5 o'clock pm to 8 o'clock pm

Thursday- 5 o'clock pm to 8 o'clock pm

Friday- 5 o'clock pm to 8 o'clock

Saturday- 10 o'clock am to 10 o'clock pm

Sunday- 10 o'clock am to 8 o'clock pm


Babysitting- $7 per hour

Tutoring- $5 per hour

Pet Sitting- $7 per hour I spend with your pet

If you need me to babysit more than one child at once, the charge will $2 per additional child per hour.

Teenage Sitter

I am a fourteen year-old girl who attends Churchill High School. I am a hard worker and very determined to please people. If you could give me any feedback, I would really appreciate it and take it into account.