Multiple Sclerosis

MS Affects the Nervous System.

What is Multiple Sclerosis

The immune system attacks the Myelin which forms scar tissue. This makes the nerve impulses get interrupted, not sending some messages from the brain to different part of the body.

This is why there are so many different symptoms in different people, because it depends on which nerves get damaged.

This is a picture of a normal nervous system:

Treatments for MS:

There are many different treatments for MS because there is no cure. The different drugs can slow down the amount of attacks. People take corticosteroids, muscle relaxants, and antifatigue medications.

Doctors don’t know exactly why people get MS but these factors make the chances of getting MS higher.

  • certain genes

  • after a virus infection

  • lack of vitamin D

  • smoking

Target population: Who is affected?

  • ages between 20 and 50 years old

  • 10,000 new cases each year.

  • more common in temperate climates (1:2,000) than in the tropics (1:10,000)

  • onset of MS is usually at age 20 to 50 years

  • more women than men

  • 2.3 million people are affected by MS

signs and symptoms

  • loss of mobility

  • numbness

  • tingling

  • pain

  • sudden, often temporary, blindness

  • MRI and Spinal Tap are ways to be diagnosed
  • the signs show up slowly
  • the symptoms can show up differently in everybody

other symptoms and the body system

  • nervous system- you can have tingling, pain or numbness

  • MS is a chronic,slowly progressive autoimmune disease.

  • many symptoms affect almost every system of the body.


  • no cure

  • may need assistance with daily routine

  • may need help with walking


  • my mom has it

  • my mom can not walk

  • I feel bad for my mom when she falls

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