Ancient Egyptian Project

Ancient Egypt


The Nile river is located in Central Africa and was 750 miles long. It was important because it helped protect Egypt from other people and invaders. Egypt's waters also had rapids to wash away the enemies. Most of Egypt was a desert because it hardly rained there. Although the two most important rivers is the Euphrates and Tigris river. They were very important to the Mesopotamian people and their land. Without floods from these two rivers Mesopotamia cold not farm or grow crops on ether side of the desert sands.

Social Hierarchy

The Egyptians practices to worship their gods. They believed they had many powers. And they would help their gods to. Because of their status they can rank high and do things for them. Also traders traveled to get gold and trade for grain. Lastly the Egyptians would trade a big impact on their society.

Rosetta Stone

Egyptians writing system is hieroglyphics. There were five symbols put together that meant teach. Egyptian writing was craved into stone. The hieroglyphic writing system used more than 600 symbols most of them are pictures and it helped the Egyptians to speak. The Rosetta Stone is a huge rock stone that helps people speak in any language in the world. Egyptians texts still is alive. Egyptian government read books an manuals about the afterlife and about gods and kings.


Farmers developed a irrigation system to help them grow crops. The hunters hunted so they can feed their families. Egypt's location offers one advantage to stable food. There were natural barriers to stop invaders from Egypt. Lastly they wore old crowns for their king who died. Some Historians think is a myth. Menes wanted to unify upper and lower Egypt. Menes built a new capital city on the end of the Nile. And the first dynasty of it lasted for about 200 years.


Egyptians focused on religion. The Egyptians expected everyone to worship the same god.Egyptians bulit temples for their gods. Egyptians believed the afterlife was a happy place. When a person dies it's ka comes out of it's body and becomes a spirit. Egyptians ideas about the afterlife shaped their burials to keep the spirits from suffering. Egyptians bulit pyramid for their gods and kings. Egyptians wanted the pyramid to be spactacular. for their pharaoh's.