European Pilgrimage

Travel Europe and attend Catholic Mass in each Country!

Purpose Statement

I am always thinking about traveling, whether planning a trip in the U.S or abroad. I absolutely love to travel. I've been very fortunate to be able to travel a lot in the U.S. visiting about half the states. But other than a cruise I haven't really been outside of the U.S. I've always dreamed of traveling to each country in Europe and attending a Catholic mass in each country.

Depart to Europe

Departing Summer 2015 with Contiki Tours, modes of transportation throughout the tour will include airplane, train(Euro rail), and boat. Accommodations include 4&5 star hotels. Includes breakfast each morning, select lunch and dinner opportunities. Airfare & select tours are included. The approximate cost for the trip is $11,000 (which I plan to fund myself).

Some of Our Destinations

Guaranteed to be Fun and Relaxing!

Frequentley Asked Questions

Q: What are some anticipated challenges?

A: Since there are so many languages in Europe, the language barrier may be challenging.

Q: What kind of training and equipment are required?

A: Hiking shoes, adequate clothing.

Q: What kind of documentation is required?

A: A United States Passport.

Q: How am I going to communicate with family at home?

A: By email and text.