Bio conflict cube

Joshua Diaz

Genghis Khan

  • He was Born in 1162 Died in August, 18 1227 in Mongolia, Genghis Khan. He was one of the greatest conquerors in the history of the world. His real name was Temujin. He went on to become leader of the mongols when he received the name Genghis Khan "Universal Ruler."
  • Interesting facts: when he was younger his real name was Temujin.
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Micro conflict

  • His father Yesügei was poisoned when Temujin was ten. Negative conflict he was killed by rivals.
  • No one knows where he was buried. Negative. No one can praise him for his feats.
  • His wife was kidnapped. Negative. It did not have much of an impact.

Macro conflicts

  • He killed many Asians. Negative. People who lived in Asia lost their lives.
  • He conquered much of Asia. Positive. He got more land to control and resources.
  • He totally defeated the Russian army. Positive. He did not have to worry about the Russian army defeating him.


He is a competitor (shark)because he fought problems and conquered and killed.
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