Library Shenanigans

at West Avenue Elementary

The Library is Open!

The West Avenue Wildcat Library is opened during the school year for our learning community from Monday thru Friday 7:30am-3:30pm. Come open a book and discover a treasure of information for you and your family!

I have given every student a handout to take home that gives students and parents different websites to visit during the summer. I also attached a discount bookmark for SixFlags Fiesta Texas. Use it! Also, parents, I made sure our students were rewarded by signing them up for a free entrance pass for Six Flags Read to Succeed Program. Students who were here at the beginning of the year were registered and I printed out their one page certificates before the last day of school. (This certificate shows that the student has read AT LEAST 6 hours outside of their time at school.)

Also remember to utilize our neighborhood library. The San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) has wonderful activities all summer long for our community. The closest branch to West Avenue is the Westfall Branch library located at 6111 Rosedale Court. Their phone number is (210) 207-9220. Go to for upcoming events, hours of operation and services and resources.

What are you going to do this summer?

I have been asking some of our students what they are planning to do this summer. I have gotten so many exciting responses.

Some students are self described movie hounds. They love to go the movie theatres. (I love the butter popcorn!) Many of them have a list of movies they want to see over the summer...have fun!

Some of the students here at West love the water--more specifically, pools! They plan on going to the Dellview City Park and Pool. It is a very pretty area for families to go and enjoy a cool dip during the hot summer days. Go to the following website for more information about classes and activities throughout the summer:

Other students will be visiting family and friends during the summer. Some have families in Mexico, some are visiting beautiful states like Colorado, Florida and California. There were a few who are staying in Texas, but will travel to different cities like Corpus Christi, Houston, Dallas, Austin, the beautiful cities of the Valley, and a few like me who are having a STAY-cation. I'm going to stay in San Antonio and enjoy the wonderful city I was born in. There is so much here to visit and learn from. The newest place I want to go is the DoSeum. They have classes and activities all summer long. Visit this website if you are might see me there!

WOW! It is so exciting to travel and learn something new about the weather, food, and people of those regions!

Take lots of pictures with different type of digital equipment like Smart phones, iPads and the good old standby...cameras! Have fun! Be safe! Learn something new to share when you return to school in August.

Read Online With OverDrive!

You can read every day for your own enjoyment and with your children! Download the OverDrive App from the App Store. You can choose to download the NEISD Digital Library or the San Antonio Public Library. For NEISD, you just need your Parent ID or your student's ID number. To check out from the San Antonio Public Library, or "SAPL", you need your library card number (found on the back of your SAPL card). Pick your books, check them out and ENJOY! You don't have to worry about returning your books...its automatically done for you! How can you ask for more? Never pay for overdue books again!

Try'll LOVE it!

West Avenue Photo Gallery...a year in pictures!

Read Every Day!

Parents, please remember that it is very important to read to each other every day! Read to a your parents...a sibling...your pet or just to yourself. Just read! You worked so hard to become a great reader, don't lose it over the summer!

Like Dr. Seuss says, "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."