National Youth Administration

Make America Great Again!! June 26,1935

Who the Program Helped and What it Did

The NYA (National Youth Administration) helped the youth from 1935 to 1939. The NYA provides grants to high school and college aged students in exchange for work. Secondly if you were unemployed and uneducated you were provided job training and skills.

NYA Relief

The program, created under the emergency relief act of 1935, provided more than 4.5 million jobs for the youth.

Was this Program Successful?

Yes, it was successful.Skills such as construction, service, and home economics were taught. New skills were taught to the youth.Also including wood working, nursing, furniture and auto repair, radio operation, welding, landscaping, and agriculture. Earnings ranged from ten dollars to twenty-five dollars per month.Congress recognized the success of the program, budget constraints caused by wartime spending, forced the abolishment of the National Youth Administration in 1943.
Randolph Bromery: National Youth Administration

Video Summary

Randolph Bromery perfectly explains the NYA to the tee. He explains the problems with it as well as the many benefits it had as a part of the New Deal. He points out that it helped the youth gain money to help their familys as they continue their education. He also points out though that for some people this wasnt the best option and some slacked or quit school because they'd rather just work instead of doing both.

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