EI-Relating for Results

Laboratory Intensive Workshop from Experienca International

Relating to Your Team for Greater Results

An interactive workshop where you learn and develop the skills to go to new levels in relating to your team and creating results together with them.


  • Why relate? Growing relationships (in the right ways) increases success individually and collectively, we show you how.

  • What’s success? How to create and communicate clear vision within oneself and in your team, measure progress, and celebrate results, maintaining momentum.

  • Where’s your change? How to tell where you and your team are actually at and what’s possible using our processes.

  • How to change? Reinvention and Co-creation processes that are field proven.

  • Structures for ongoing success? How to keep moving forward.

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February <insert dates>, 2015

The Relating for Results Laboratory Intensive Workshop will give you expertise, deep experiences, and their applications to how relating in your team can be changed to create greater results. We start with creating a safe environment for experimentation and growth and show you how to apply the same principles in the environments you work in. Our primary focus is on how the learnings and experiences we co-create can be brought back and applied to your real work environment.
Throughout the intensive we emphasise the most often hidden dimension at work, being human, and how you can use what science has learned about how the workings of our bodies and minds can impact both how we relate and the results we create. We use body awareness and activation in all three steps.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Munir Rashid

Munir Rashid is a highly innovative, proactive, facilitator, coach, and consultant, with over 25 years experience empowering people in a wide range of environments, using best practice tools, processes, and systems to facilitate human and organizational development and growth. Raised in Canada, educated in the USA, and now working world-wide, he is adept at leading teams of diverse professionals to accomplish a common goal using strong interpersonal and analytical skills, and a proven willingness to anticipate, adapt, and manage change.

Munir is proud to be part of the international team at Experienca.

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