Quist Weekly News

November 5, 2021

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Dear ROYALS Families,

This week, we had the wonderful opportunity of celebrating our first quarter accomplishments. Students were recognized for

  • GPA Honors (4.0, 3.5-3.99, and 3.0-3.49)

  • Perfect Attendance

  • EPIC - For contributing to the Quist community in an EPIC way

  • RISE - For demonstrating RISE and being a ROYAL leader

  • ROAR - For demonstrating the Quist values of ROAR and being a ROYAL learner

  • SIMBA - For maintaining a positive attitude and growth mindset despite the hurdles you’ve encountered. While serving as a role model for peers and a leader in our school

  • Demonstrating RISE and ROAR in a specific content area

While we are disappointed that current guidelines prevent us from having our typical assemblies that allow families the opportunity to attend, we hope that you are able to celebrate as a family.

We need your help!

Recently, there has been an increased amount of issues related to Chromebook care from intentional damage (students removing keys, removing cases, and attempting to modify device settings). In addition to anticipated issues, this has caused a device shortage, which has resulted in some students waiting for a replacement device. As a result, we have some students that currently do not have access to a device. Global supply issues are also adding to this challenge, as we are waiting for warranty repairs from Dell or parts.

Ultimately, having a device is nearly essential in our current climate. While we cannot control some issues, together we can address issues related to intentional damage. Your support in talking with your student about the importance of Chromebook care is appreciated. Our current warranty allows for up to three replacements; however, these warranties are voided in intentional damage situations (ex. removed keys, dropped/cracked without a case). The replacement cost assessed to students for voided warranty is $260.00. For more information on our district device policies, please click HERE.

In closing, thank you for your feedback on our recent parent survey. We continue to adapt and provide the best support to meet the greatest needs within our community. This is one way we have to better evaluate and develop our goals. Your support and continued grace are appreciated. Together we can build the community that we all desire for our ROYALS.


Trina Norris-Buck, Ed.S.

Lead Learner/Principal


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Important Yearbook News

Students are back at school making new memories with their friends! Make sure to order the one book that captures the activities, spirit, and unique qualities of their school. Visit www.jostensyearbooks.com to order the 2022 Yearbook by October 29th for the LOWEST PRICE!

8th Grade Families: 8th-grade recognition ads are a tradition at our school. For more information on pricing and how to submit your ad, please visit www.TheYearbookCompany.com.

Book Fair: Scholastic will give back 25% in rewards to Quist

Tonight, 10/29, at the Fall Festival we will have our in-person book fair sales. Families can also purchase online from now thru November 11th and Scholastic will give back 25% in rewards to Quist. To purchase online, please use this link: https://www.scholastic.com/bf/quistmiddleschool

Athletics News

Greetings Royals - here is what is happening in the world of Quist Athletics

First, I wanted to call attention to something. Sometimes you figure stuff out a smidge later than we all would prefer. I apologize for not letting you all know sooner. We figured out this option about 90 seconds into the 5th quarter play, Thursday night! Coach Berner, our B team coach, had the great idea of having C Team players play in the 5th quarter. The athletes were so excited, some of them tried to play with their backpacks on!

Moving forward, the C team will have game minutes during the 5th quarter of all home games. Coaches will work hard to share these minutes with all of the players. 5th quarter will usually happen after the contest is completed. If referees stay, they are volunteering to do so. The same expectations for eligibility apply (fees, grades, RISE/ROAR behaviors).

Now on to our updates:

  • Practice continued this week. A/B/C rosters have been established and this has been communicated to athletes.

  • If your family has a fine in IC, this was communicated with families this week. All fees must be paid before participation in contests can happen. Please bring payment (cash or check) to the RQMS main office. Please contact Kate Brown if you have questions.

  • Next week, our games are on Tues (vs Stuart - A is home, B is away, C is home) and Thurs (vs Overland Trail A is home, B is away, C is home) - All of our events are scheduled on our school calendar. Here is the link if you need it.

  • Pictures are re-scheduled for Nov 9 & 10. Please send your athlete with their jersey on both days, as group photos could be taken either day. Here is the link to purchase either individual or group photos. Purchase is optional.

  • Please check the website for the presentation that was shared with families during our meeting at the beginning of the season.

  • Here is the link for Remind - please sign up for updates on your cell and the option to communicate directly with coaches.

  • Here are the expectations of what athletes could wear on game days. A Team - warm-ups on away games, shirt & tie on home games. B Team - white jerseys on away games, blue jerseys on home games. C Team - wear your jerseys on game days.

  • Eligibility is pulled on Thursdays and shared with athletes during practices on Fridays. If an athlete is not eligible, this impacts next week's games. In order to become eligible, the athlete needs to complete an Eligibility Rubric AND improve the grade in the classes with D or F grades. 2 or more Ds or 1 F is considered ineligible. Additionally, an athlete could be ineligible if they are not showing RISE/ROAR behaviors in their classes. If there are concerns, teachers will communicate with families about what is happening and coaching will be provided to show improvement.

  • An awesome B team parent has started a Sign-up Genius. Here is the link if you would like to help provide snacks for the B team. There are 15 players total. All snacks/drinks have to be single serving and pre-packaged, due to Covid restrictions. A & C team families, please let me know if one of you could help set up something similar.

  • We will schedule the end-of-season celebration and get this date to you. This will be for athletes and coaches only and we will send out a sign-up genius for volunteers to help with food at a later date.

Thank you for all of your support and grace! We couldn't do this without you!

Catherine "Kate" Brown

Dean of Students

Activities/Athletics Director

Rodger Quist Middle School

O: 303-655-6950 - Main

T: (720) 507-6209 - Google Voice (can receive text messages)

E: cbrown@sd27j.net

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