My resume

By: Elizabeth Byers


Helping others

I have helped others with their tasks if they have needed help or just were not sure of what they were doing. Also I help people through tough times such as having a bad day or going through a break up.

Teamwork and Leadership

I work really hard in a team, at first I will be shy but after a while I join in and pitch in with my ideas. Also if there is a need for a leader in the team I can step up and be a leader.

Never give up

I never give up when working on something. I always ask for help when I need it not just because. Also if I see someone who needs help I help them.



I can feel sad if someone is going through a sad day or moment. Also I can feel happy and cheer others up.

Can adjust easily

It doesn't take long before I get adjusted to a place. I can move around easily. Also I get along with most people.


I am used to having to change where I am so I am comfortable in making friends at a new place or in a new job site

Work Values

Hard working

I am really hard working and hardly give up on my work.

I get things done

I complete my task/work and do it right and on time


I can concentrate very well and keep my head to my work and get it done. When I concentrate I do a very good job and go beyond what is expected

Occupational Interests