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Tonight is our Team Training Call!!!

Tonight is our Team Training Call!

This call is at 8:45 pm CST. The call number is (661)673-8600 Access Code 905774#

This call will cover some great training and tips. Please call in and join us. Everyone who gets on the call will get a ticket to the daily challenge :)

Spring Product Premier

Spring Product Premier will be taking place Nation wide November 16th at 12:30 pm at a theater near you. If you are new to 31 you may be wondering what this is... This is an exciting event, where 31 sisters across the nation head to a local theater to see what is coming out this spring on the BIG SCREEN! Home office creates a "Movie" and launches what we will get to share with our customers this spring.

Since this is taking place in a theater there is a charge ~ $20 a person, but everyone leaves with an amenity of course. This is always a new spring product!!! You are also able in purchase an extra ticket for a friend or potential recruit that is not a consultant and over 18 years old. She will also leave with an amenity :)

Space is limited, so you will want to register ASAP to save a seat. Registration will open October 6th and closes October 22nd.

More details and FAQ's will be posted soon on TOT.

Top sellers for the new fall catalog!!!

These are our top trending sellers so far for this fall! If you are expanding your kit, these are the items I would be sure that you are showcasing at your parties!!!

1. All Day Organizing Tote

2. Large Utility Tote

3. Zip-Top Organizing Tote

4. Double Take Tote

5. Oh Snap Bins

6. Keep-It Tote

7. Mini Cindy

8. Baubles and Bracelets Case

9. Lunch Break Thermal

10. Canvas Crew Carry-All

Want to Recruit???

We will be doing some recruiting tips and training tonight on our call, so please be sure to get on! We still have 2 weeks to invite new 31 sisters to join and be apart of this great incentive and opportunity!

Be sure to make some recruiting packets and hand them out this week. Invite someone to coffee and share the opportunity with them!


August 16th - September 30th ~ FALL in LOVE with 31 Incentive

September 15th ~ October 30th ~ Happy OWLoween monogramming available on spirit items

September 17th ~ Team Training Night 9pm

September 17th ~ Last day to get spirit bundle for Hostess Pop Up

September 18th ~ New Hostess Pop Up Option announced

September 18th ~ Celebrate and Connect Registration Closes for October

October 11th - 18th ~ Celebrate and Connects Nation Wide

October 13th ~ 6:30 pm Celebrate and Connect Meeting at Huguley Fitness Center

November 16th 12:30pm ~ Spring Product Premier happening at a theater near you!

Welcome to our new 31 Sisters!!! We are glad you joined :)

  • Cindy Napier
  • Debra Rashid
  • Mandi Allen
  • Trina Tanner
  • Christian DeClue
  • Rain Johnson
  • Melissa Doyle
  • Jessica Basham
  • Laura Dorsett
  • Tiffany Studdard

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