Kinesics And Proxemics!

How they work!

The introduction to Proxemics and Kinesics.

In communication you will learn to non-verbal communication is quite common in everyday usage and that non-verbal communication is also very important. Two very important parts of the non-verbal communication system is PROXEMICS and KINESICS.


Kinesics is a form of non-verbal communication shown by body movement, emotions, or GESTURE. All three pose as the main idea to kinesics and what it means.
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Proxemics is also a form of non verbal communication except with some different rules in which some apply to kinesics some apply to itself. The rules of Proxemics is that is is a form of non verbal communication executed by touch, kinesics, vocalics, and chronemics.
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Overall both Proxemics and Kinesics are forms of nonverbal communication. In this form of nonvebal communication, Kinesics are emotions, body movement, and gesture such as a person crossing their arms because you have wronged them or a person crying... with joy. Proxemics is more complicated branching down to nonverbal communication by touch, kinesics, vocalics, and chronemenics.


These are the 3 MAIN characters used in this presentation.
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