RHSS Psychology Club!

The era of positive psychology.

What is our goal?

Our goal is simple. To make the world aware of the needs of positive psychology and how the state our world is currently in is not good enough.

When people think of psychologist, they think of therapists that work with miserable people who want their lives turned better. That is in most cases true but in this club, we will be focusing more on how to see if someone has a positive state of mind, and if they do, how to maintain it. We will discuss about how to progress the world in terms of bettering the psychological state, as well as inform people of the needs to understand what is happening in the minds around them due to the fact that people are not aware enough.

What do we do?

  • Analyse your personal state of psychology
  • Discover the world's knowledge and general idea of psychology
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the human mind
  • How psychology has changed over the years
  • How to work towards perfecting human psychology
  • and many more

Why should we raise awareness?

The happy people in this world are almost always neglected because they really do not need as much attention on them to keep themselves up and running. However what we're ignoring, is that how long will the happy people remain happy.

If we are to spread the word and have everyone gain the knowledge on how to keep people happy and live to the fullest, the world will have less miserable people even if time passes. The world's general state of mind will increase in quality and a lot of people will lead to better lives. It is necessary to inform people of changes to psychology that has happened in the recent years, how people in depression think and how people are not think. It is also needed to have people know what the goal of a psychologist is when performing procedures on people who are depressed or anxious. At the same time how psychologists help people maintain their happy lives.

TED talk- The new era of positive psychology.

Club's first meeting!

Monday, Jan. 19th, 3:15-4:45pm

RHSS Cafeteria

Come and listen in! We will be giving out hand outs about our club, as well as doing activities to find your interest in psychology!