May Newsletter

Cottonwood School

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Greetings Cottonwood Families

Hello Cottonwood Family,

We have enjoyed our month of April which gave families the option of having their children attend school in our hybrid format or remain virtual through the remainder of the year. Our staff has worked tirelessly to offer high-quality educational options, no matter which option our families choose. We look forward to a great month of May and will continue to work in partnership to accelerate our student’s learning.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

With students returning to hybrid, we wanted to update our expectations for students drop-off and pick-up. Our student drop-off and pick-up area begins at the mailbox near the old schoolhouse. Please pull your car forward to the mailbox to maximize the number of cars that can wait in line. Students are not permitted to walk away from the waiting area or be dropped off anywhere else on campus. As an option, parents can park their vehicles and walk to the student waiting area to pick up their child(ren) and walk them to the car.

Win the day,

Mr. Stearns

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Cottonwood News Forecast

Take Note

Staff Appreciation Week May 3rd-7th

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Mother's Day - May 9th

Do something to let your mom know how special she is.

Memorial Day - May 31st

In Observance of Memorial there is No School on Monday, May 31st! Be safe and have a wonderful time.
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Cougar Corridor

Character Corner

Character Corner

For the month of May our school will emphasize the character trait of "Honesty" Honesty can be defined as being truthful in what I say and do. The word honesty comes from the Latin honestas, meaning “honor received from others, moral integrity or uprightness.” Being honest means you avoid saying or doing things that might damage your integrity or stain your reputation. Even “little” lies or exaggerations take away from someone’s ability to trust you.

Honesty is more than just accurately reporting facts. Honesty includes what you say, but it also includes what you don’t say. For example, if your mom asks, “Did you eat the cookies?” you could accurately say “no” if you just ate one cookie. But that would be deceitful.

Honesty also includes your actions. For example, to cheat on a test is to pretend you know the answers when you really don’t. Or to steal candy from a store is to act like you paid for it when you really didn’t. Honesty means saying and doing what is true, not false.

Some characteristics of Honesty include:

  • I will tell the truth

  • I will play by the rules

  • I will not exaggerate the facts

  • I will admit when I am wrong

  • I will not take things that don’t belong to me

We would love to see our students in action demonstrating our character trait! Please e-mail any pictures of your children to Mrs. Niaves ( demonstrating loyalty in school, around the house or the community so that we can showcase their efforts!

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Weekly Habits for Success

Weekly Habits for Success

It is our goal at Cottonwood School to ensure that our students have the tools and habits to be successful in whatever they choose to pursue. Our staff have been emphasizing "Weekly Habits for Success" with our students to help fill their "tool belt" with specific skills. You can help by having a discussion on these habits and how they translate to success in the real world. Below are the habits that were emphasized in the month of April:

  • Loyalty

  • Making eye contact

  • Respond to others with a greeting (ex. Good morning, hello, good bye, etc.)

  • Thinking about our thinking (metacognition)

Family Connection

Parent Resources on Enthusiasm

Conexión Familiar

Recursos para padres de Entusiasmo

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Cottonwood Welcomes 3rd - 8th Grade Students Back on Campus

Quarter 3 Elementary Awards Assemblies Were Held

Summer School for Middle School Students - Registration is Now Open

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SAFE's May Enrichment Club Registration is Now Open

Check out the Club offerings for the month of May. There are so many wonderful options. Space is limited in each club. First come, first served.

Use this link to REGISTER!

Paper - A New 24/7 Tutoring Service is Now Available

●24/7 tutor support available on all devices, allowing students to get help anytime, anywhere.

●24 hour Essay Review supports students with their written work, no matter the subject.

●Unlimited platform access means students get as much help as they need

Have a question or need help?

Accessing Tutors from the SAFE Expanded Learning Program Just Got Easier

Watch this quick tutorial video to see how your child can access tutorial support to complete their school work using a new Shortcut that has been installed on their Chromebooks.

April Overview!!

Cottonwood Students Learned Different Styles of Poetry During the Month of April

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Meal Distribution Has Moved to Every 2 Weeks

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