Civil Case of the Three Blind Mice

Created By: Brittany Downs

The Process

An accusation has been filed by the three blind mice of a felony by the farmers wife of cutting off the mice tails. The farmers wife was arrested and put in jail when she failed to show up in court when summoned by the judge. The farmer paid her $5,000 bail and she was later arraigned before the judge and grand jury and indicted of her crime. The case was placed on the docket and the trial was held two weeks later.

The defendant had no money for a personal attorney so she was provided with a court appointed attorney known as a public defender. The farmer himself was also subpoenaed which means the court ordered him to testify as a witness. Both the plaintiffs and defendant took an oath to promise not to commit perjury. The prosecution began. Witnesses were called to the stand to testify. The defendant was given the option to a plea bargain and plead guilty to the court to gain a lesser length of punishment. The defendant declined this offer and the trial continued.

At the end of the trial, a jury called the petit jury is given the responsibility to agree on a verdict for the defendant. In this case, the jury found the defendant guilty, and she was convicted of battery towards the three blind mice.

After any trial, if the defendant feels that something went wrong, they are allowed to appeal to a higher court.

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