A Book by Michael Crichton

The American Dream

Micro describes some of the many dangers of technology, and how one person with a malintent can use it to not only control others, but also ruin lives and destroy families. The novel starts out with one of the many American Dreams - brilliant college students, at the top of their field working for hours and hours to crack one of the biggest advancements in technology known to man at the time. Feel free to smile, there won’t be many other places to do it. From this point many things start to go wrong and soon things turn to the dark side of the American Dream, how fast things can go wrong.


There’s a mysterious company in Honolulu that specializes in making micro robots. One of the Vice-Presidents goes to Cambridge in Massachusetts along with some other executives to recruit some young, talented scientists including his kid brother. As we meet these scientists. A group of about seven kids, and each one has some one-dimensional stereotypical trait, along with a speciality. So we have people here that you can you could describe as: the leader,the whiner, the smart athletic female, the slutty female, etc. The fact that they each have their own speciality tells us that our story will nee” such an individual at some point as our story progresses.So these kids go to Hawaii, and the CEO gives them a tour of the facility. Apparently, not only can robots be micro-sized, but so can living things. At this point the older brother vice-president has mysteriously disappeared very recently. The kid-brother scientist apparently knows something sinister, so when he confronts the CEO, the CEO panics. It just so happens that all of the students are in the chamber where people/things are shrunk, so the CEO presses the button and this is where our story really begins. Our miniaturized protagonists are now in a very unfamiliar environment with insects, birds and reptiles that are now huge and mostly very unfriendly. If this sounds like one of those cheesy 1950 sci-fi movies, you would be correct in your assumption.


Biography - Michael Critchton

Arguably one of Michael Crichton's most famous novels that he ever composed was Micro, but for a reason of which he is probably not a fan. This is because he died about 3/4 of the way through writing it, due to cancer of the larynx. In his absence the popular author Richard Preston. Michael Chritton Graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1969 with a degree in medical science, he then worked as a postdoctoral assistant for a biology lab. While there he came up with many different ideas for books like Jurassic park, and Mirco. After several years of working in his lab Crichton decided to write for a living. He began by writing a screenplay for his new show - ER. This show displayed many of the experiences that Crichton experienced while working as an attending physician. But soon that wasn’t good enough for Crichton, and several years later he released his best selling work to date: Jurassic Park. As the years went by he wrote many other pieces such as Prey and Congo. Unfortunately he was killed at the age of 66, leaving his most recent book Micro unfinished until Richard Preston completed it in his memory in 2011.

Biography- Richard Preston

Preston was born in Cambridge Massachusetts, 1972. As a child he dreamed of working for a news station, until he went to college. After he attended Pomona College he decided to go to work writing articles for a local news paper until one day, the right agent read his article. After that Preston was given a position writing novels for a big production company, and in 1992 he released his first book In the Hot Zone. From there he worked on many projects, while working from the comfort of his home in San Jose California


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