Occupy Wall Street

The 7 Month Journey

Background Information

Occupy Wall Street movement is a protest effort that aims to highlight economic inequality in the United States. It began in September 2011. Activists first launched the movement by gathering in a park near the Wall Street financial district in New York City. The movement soon spread to other U.S. cities, as well as to cities in other countries. Many Occupy Wall Street protesters argue that political and economic systems in the United States unfairly favor corporations and the wealthiest people. Many protesters express anger at what they consider corporate greed.

Information About The Protest

That day, hundreds of people gathered at Zuccotti Park in New York City’s financial district. Many of the protesters set up camp in the park. The protesters have emphasized the idea since the late 1900’s, most economic gets among Americans have gone only to the top 1 percent of earners.We are the 99 percent,” became a rallying cry of the movement. But most people in the movement want the government to help create jobs and reduce income inequality.Congress then passed a $700-billion bailout plan for the financial industry.In 2008, during a worldwide economic slowdown, a number of banks and mortgage lenders failed.

Effects Of The Protest/Answer The Assesment

Occupy Wall Street went on for 7 months with nothing but riots. The protests gained increased public attention following the mass arrests. Critics of the movement have said that it lacks a clear message. Others have pointed to instances of vandalism linked to the protests.Many analysts describe the movement as a leaderless collection of liberal groups. Many also criticized the government for doing little to reform the financial system or help create jobs.


Many people were outraged that the firms would be bailed out in this manner by taxpayers

Occupy Wall Street: the story behind seven months of protest
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