Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

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A Great Composer

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer who braved many issues in life. These included deafness, sadness, and a legendary temper. Beethoven braved many obstacles, and his music is widely revered as some of the most masterful pieces ever made.
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The Birth of a Great Composer

Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany. He later moved to Vienna. Beethoven first visited Vienna at the age of 17.
Symphony No. 9 ~ Beethoven


Beethoven's Symphony no. 9, Choral, has had high praise. It was considered a great work which represented bringing people together. Choral also included a chorus and a stanza from Ode to Joy.
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His Music

Beethoven also had other symphonies, sonatas, and concertos. These included:

  • Moonlight Sonata
  • 31 other sonatas
  • Eroica, or Symphony No. 3 (He wrote 9 Symphonies over all)
  • Multiple Concertos, including the piano concerto No. 1 in C major.
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Beethoven's Instruments

Although Beethoven began to go deaf around the age of 28, he still was able to "hear" some music by feeling the vibrations. Because of this, Beethoven cut off the legs of his piano so he could feel its vibrations whilst playing it. Beethoven was very insecure about his deafness, and it was one of the factors that made him very introverted.

A Lonely Man

Beethoven was very lonely during his life. This was mainly because he spent almost all of his time in his house writing music, and he didn't like meeting people since he was embarrassed about his deafness. Beethoven didn't even bathe properly; he washed himself by pouring a bucket of water on his head.

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