Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment

read music notes with this silly story by Myles Feltenberger

Who is Mr. Everybody?

All elementary students in Hobart schools are learning to read music using a very silly story called Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment. These stories help us learn the note names to music notes on the staff and in turn- we get to make beautiful music!

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Dizzy Dog Edition of Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment


In 4th and 5th grade, we continue our study of learning to read music with "MAD MINUTE" tests. Students have 1 minute to name 30 note names that they need to have memorized. Memorizing note names improves students’ overall music reading performance; it decreases the amount of time to translate written music to instruments and allows students to move onto more challenging concepts.

Practice for a "Mad Minute" timed test with the links below:

Here are some helpful sayings to help us remember the names of the notes on the lines and spaces:

Every Good Boy Does Fine -