Assessments for student's success

EDU 650 Week 5 Dis #1 Corinne Watson

"Assessment is not about the teacher, it is about the student." (Lopez,2013)

My thoughts on this statement: I think that a long time ago the assessment was about the student. We as educators needed to have a way to know what our students knew. We as educators wanted to help them to be better students, full of the knowledge, and we had to have a way of finding this out so the assessment was created. But then a administrator some where out there said "hey if my teachers are doing this to help students,I can use their data to see how my school is doing. So this administrator began gathering all of the teaches data and could now see how each student, classroom was doing compared to other schools. Now this trend continued and some how even the teachers forgot that the assessment was first created to help the students. Not to judge them, or their teachers, or their schools, or their state. And some how we all just got lost and headed down the wrong path. This is my thought on this statement.
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Has my mindset been changed?

No it has not. I think it has been validated. I believe that the assessments I use at this time are important to me as a teacher. Because I take daily antidotal notes that are then imputed to my assessment tool. On any day I can see just where a student is struggling and I can address the problem quickly. I can and do change activities , or offer additions to my lesson plans. The data I input is available to my administration at all times. This allows them to be accountable to the federal government that funds our program. So I do think it is a necessary tool for the students, teachers, and program In which I am accountable to.

Considering the Questions

1. I like and find most of the assessments we use very helpful to me as a teacher. I truly feel I understand there purpose, and use each assessment tool as it was meant to be used.

2.As mentioned above the assessment helps me to see daily the progress of each student. not by testing but by watching them as they participate in the learning process.

3. There is one assessment that I feel is of no value. And we teachers call it just busy work to meet some ones paper trial.

4. I am very confident in the use of all my assessment tools. And am not afraid to ask for help when needed.

I used these questions to reflect on what I am doing and why. I think this reflection is an important part of being a teacher. I think I must continue to reflect on all aspects of my work. This will make me a better teacher. And assessment are a big part of my every day world. So I will keep these question around to remind me to do just that, remind me why it is important that the assessments I use are a useful tool for the growth of my students.

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So have I successded of Failed to make students my partner in assessments?

I have to be honest and say both. When I was a younger teacher just learning the process I was afraid to ask for help. I wanted the other staff members to think of me as knowledgeable in my field. So I think I made sure the numbers looked right so that I looked good. But I have learned over the years that it is not about the numbers, it is about the students. And if I teach them what they need to know in a manner that they can learn then the assessments will look good because I did my job. It is about the students they are amazing. Every day they can surprise me with how quickly they discover, and they teach me that if I keep trying they will keep trying. So are assessments are a reflection of our hard work. And now I always make my students my partners in assessments as well as their parents. I have learned through the use of my assessment that the sky is the limit.
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Lopez, D. (2013).No Excuses University: How Six exceptional systems are revolutionizing our schools(2nd Ed). Turnaround School Publication.