Leading with the Product!

Trial Packs

How do Lead with the Product?

Get out of the house, join some groups and get social! This has been one of the most surprising and enjoyable side effects of Thrive, connecting with people! Listen for clues about how people are feeling, express genuine concern (come on don't fake it, be real). Keep an open mind, keep an open form of communication and don't throw Thrive up on them, you'll make a mess of a good opportunity! Be smart about sharing, and be confident! We have a team of formulators with over 100 years experience combined, we have Jason Camper and Paul Garavette who are backing us 100% in a company built by promoters and for promoters, with passion and a product that has been created to improve quality of LIFE!

Ways to get product in the hands of a customer:

1. Encourage your potential customer/promoter to take the leap and Buy a Pack! "If you follow the program as directed, allow me to work with you for 2 weeks so I can be sure we are using the product properly, and then if you don't like the product or the results I will buy the remaining product back from you" Le-Vel also has a product guarantee.

2. Buy a 1, 4, 7 day trial pack from me, follow the instructions! This way they have an investment in the product and the opportunity.

3. Do 4 things for me and I'll give you 4 days free (Create an account on your link @ le-vel.com, Like the Le-Vel Page https://www.facebook.com/LevelBrands, Listen to the 24 hour Call-3 way in, Tag you on facebook and say they are really excited to start their 4 day trial)


Let them know Prior you will be contacting them each day of their trial to make sure they are taking it correctly, by doing this you can work out any issues, such as extra caffeine intake, to make sure they are feeling fantastic!

Remember a "One Day Trial" is solely to let the customer see how easy it is to use the Thrive System, do the 3 steps and Thrive ALL DAY. One day is not the "Thrive Experience" it takes a commitment to an 8 week experience to have the best results.

Stock up! If people know you have money invested in this, they will be willing to invest as well and buy the Trial Pack and most of all with investment comes commitment take the product and take it PROPERLY!


How you package your Trial Packs says everything about:

1. Your passion for the Product and the Company

2. Your consideration in reaching out to consumers

3. Your commitment to excellence, a reflection of the CEO's commitment!

Success from Home Magazine is a tool

We have been featured by "Success from Home" magazine for the 2nd time in 12 months, has never been done before in the history of the magazine! Use this publication as a conversation starter!

Lend it out, ask for it back in a week! Explain that this copy is a pre-launch copy and has not been published or sold in stores yet. Let them know you want to share it with them, but you need it back because you have a limited amount of copies. Express to them the importance of the copy you are handing them and show that it is treasured by you! This magazine is a big deal, cover to cover about Le-Vel!

1. Buy the Magazine (in BULK!)

2. Label the Magazines so people can reach back to you (Avery Label)

3. Highlight articles and Pages that mean something to you!

4. Hand them out!

Meredith challenge:

Buy a BUNCH of Magazines, give out two a day for the next 21 days, have a conversation with two people each day for 21 days and you have created a habit of SHARING! Later follow up with those you have shared the copies with!

Another idea is to use it as a vision board item, envision yourself being in the next edition!