Las Vegas Strip

A good place to go for a family vacation

Places to go and eat

There are two really good reasturant one is Lola's and the other one is Maggiano's.


The cost to Las Vegas Strip is three million dollars

Transportation here are some transportations you can take to Las Vegas strip

What to do there?

A couple things to do there are to go to the waterpark called Wet'n Wild and you can also go to Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay!

Wet'n Wild

I went on this ride it was so much fun! there's a lot of things you can do you can eat there, you can go on all the awesome waterslides or you can go to the little kid pool! you can get a really nice tan to!

Shark Reef

I went here to! Its really cool inside! You can see all the sharks, fish and all the other ocean animals right over you head!


Las Vegas Nevada

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This is Las Vegas Nevada

You can go to this Casino is Las Vegas Nevada

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If you want to learn more or make a reservation go to
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Cant wai to see you!!!!!!

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