Traveling The Oregon Trail

The Trip of Survivial

The Troubles

The Wagon Trains had to go through lots of troubles. They had to go through storms, places to wet, and places to dry, and Indians. These are only just some of the problems. Indians will fight you even though they would die more than the Pioneers. The Indians also tried to steal wagons, animals, supplies, even Pioneers. When the land was too dry dust kicked up and somtimes it got in your Wagon Trains eyes and the train will have to stop. When it is too wet, the ground is too soggy and your Wagon Trains sink, and get stuck. The storms cause wet grounds, and they can also damage wagons, and even start prarire fires. All of the above slows down the Pioneers.

The Decisions

On the Trail, there was many decisions to make. For example, if you are out of water, and people are guarding the water, what should you do? You also have to make other decisons, like what kind of Trail to take. There are multiple trails to take to get to Oregon. Some of the trails you just have to hope. If you can't waste time, take the long route. If you need to go fast, cross your fingers and take the short, dangerous route.