Land forms along the Nile Rive

By. Kya Ohlson

Aswan Dam

The Aswan Dam was constructed between 1960-1970 and is located in Aswan, Egypt. The Aswan Dam is closest to the Nile River. The dam was built to mainly provide water for irrigation and to generate hydroelectricity. This structure does use turbines, and does not pollute the surroundings. It's development has helped Egypt and Sudan develop their industry.

Lake Tana

Lake Tana has a vary of different islands. It is very green with a lot of land around it. The Lake flows into the Blue Nile river, as it discharges there and regulates flow. The water of the two rivers go together, but do not mix. When two form together it becomes a much larger river. Even though the Nile River passes over waterfalls rapids and river drops. The last time somebody was there, they reported over 45 islands. How neat!

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Egypt is a city with large buildings a lot of water and roads and a lot of travelers in cars. There is a lot more pollution there because it's a bigger city and between two landforms there is possibly more boats. Approximately 95% of all Egyptians live along the Nile. Cairo seems to be pouring sewege and waste into the river. In the acient times the Nile split into 7 Channels

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is very grassy and has a lot of plants. A this lake flows, it dumps into part of the lake. Lake Victoria is The Nile River's main source of water. As the other main branch starts further south, as Lake Victoria is located north of that. Lot's of explorers have always tried to find another source, but have found Lake Victoria as their main source.