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By: Jared Logan


Religion was a very big thing to people in ancient times. Ancient religion is what helped the world get started. From the earliest ages, Romans and Africans worshipped gods and goddesses. There are many differences and many similarities between ancient African and ancient Roman religions.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome was a very big place for Christianity. Christianity was first created in ancient Rome. People who were not christian believed that gods were the only people that could go to heaven and that you go to a place called the underworld. Christianity was illegal in ancient Rome at one period of time. Then in 313 CE the Constantine Empire turn changed to christianity, which made christianity legal.

Pictures of ancient Rome religion

Ancient Africa

Ancient Africans also had religions that they believed in that helped with life skills. christianity ruled most of North Africa. Africans believed that when you died, you still lived in something called the afterlife. In rituals, people wore masks, chanted, and played the drums. Some of theses masks and instruments have helped us to learn more about rituals. During rituals ancient Africans believed that you were calling spirits of nature for help and assistance.

Pictures of ancient African religion

Compare and Contrast

Both Africans and Romans worshiped gods and goddesses. Christianity was also a big part of the Romans and Africans religions. The Africans and the Romans believed that there was and after life for the who have died. Romans placed animal heads on their gods instead of their actual heads, while the Africans didn't. Christianity

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