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How does he deal with stress

President Obama leads a very stressful life everyday he has to make cutthroat decisions that will affect our nation, " how can anyone get things done with 300 million bosses, a 24 hour news cycle of critics and a to-do list that is often life or death" he stays above the stress by "instead of cramming the speechwriting process into tiny windows throughout the next day, the president utilized his night to get a head start." and says regarding to stress "But I think the most important — I’m very consistent about spending time with family. And when you have dinner with your daughters — particularly teenage daughters — they’ll keep you in your place and they’ll teach you something about perspective."

Half of all presidents suffered from mental illness

"The authors of the study concluded that 24% percent of presidents met the diagnostic criteria for depression" This shows that the stress of the job and the extreme criticism from media on a daily bases puts a toll on the presidents.

White House Effect

"'The main cause is what we call unrequited stress - they don't have enough friends to mitigate the stress,' he told CNN. 'The major way most of us handle stress is through a number of techniques, but the most prominent way is to discuss it with friends.'"

"Dr Roizen has studied the medical records of every president since Theodore Roosevelt, and has concluded that the unique stresses of the job age the president much more quickly than would be expected."

Treatment to Cure Stress.

The article below explained stress is something that is curable if handled correctly, if not it will only get worse and effect your health and general well being. Like Obama said, organizing your time is a key treatment for stress and medical author Melissa Stoppler highlights this. Another thing that the website says will help is exercise and this is seen in Obama's handling of stress since he works out for 45 min every morning. The psychology today website, informed us that presidents age twice as quickly as normal when in office and they provide a treatment as well. Stress can be helped if there is a core group of friends for you to talk to and help deal.
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