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Letter to a Teacher from a Grateful Parent

Ms. White (B/G) wrote to me earlier this week. She stated, "I received this note from Leslie this morning. She's my student who is a quiet, sweet soul and shares my E-Colors. Both her parents' first language is Spanish. Leslie's mother asked her to transcribe and translate this letter for Leslie to deliver to me. It fully made my day."

'Dear Ms. White,

Thank you for being there for my wonderful angel. I am so grateful for taking Leslie out of her shell. I am so happy that you made her become an E-Colors Champion. She is now sharing her feelings with us and talking more.


Leslie's Mom and Dad'

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E-Colors Student Champions @ Chancellor Elementary

Ms. White is the Health/Science teacher at Chancellor Elementary (Alief ISD) under the leadership of Principal Lisa Saarie (G/B). E-Colors in Education has visited Chancellor Elementary on numerous occasions to see the progress student champions were making academically and behaviorally, as well as how the implementation of E-Colors was being taken into the classrooms. The process of developing student champions or leaders began last school year with Principal Saarie's guidance.

This 2015-16 school year, the Chancellor Comets took the training a step further and involved their student champions to be a part of an awareness workshop. Ms. White, who has attended numerous ECiE Leadership Institutes, has continued to find ways to expand the knowledge gained at the Leadership Institutes and shared her understanding of the process of becoming self-aware to all the young minds at her campus. As the Health/Science teacher, Ms. White teaches the entire campus of 1000 students. Daily she reaches 300 students.

It is her goal to offer the concepts of self and team awareness through E-Colors and Personal Intervention. As you can imagine, receiving a letter from a parent who has a great appreciation for her daughter's social-emotional growth and development is immeasurable. Every student in every school matters. We'd like to thank Ms. White for her contribution to this process and the tools she has afforded her students to help them evolve and grow with a positive mindset.

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