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Flush Valve Actuators for Toilets

A flush valve pneumatic actuators is the mechanical force or mechanism that causes the toilet's flush valve to open and close. While manually operated, flush Plastic valves were the traditional choice for most U.S. homes in the past; new technology has provided a much wider range of options. Choose a flush electric actuators manufacturers based on energy efficiency and water conservation as well as on convenience of installation and ease of use.

Manual Flush Valve Activation

Manual flush valve actuators do not require an external power source. These types of flushing mechanisms use a lever, hand wheel or chain to open the flush valve. A standard American toilet relies on a manually-operated flushing system to open the flush valve. When you depress the handle on the toilet, the flush Gate Valve is opened manually. The old fashioned pull-chain toilet is another example of a manually-opened flush valve.

Hydraulic Flush Valve Actuators

Hydraulic flush valve actuators rely on water flow or pressure to open the flush valve. Hydraulic actuators operate using a diaphragm system. A spring mechanism is also often incorporated into the design. The spring is compressed during flushing, then expands afterward, causing the valve to close. These types of actuators are sometimes wall mounted and operate through push-button technology or through pressure sensors located in the toilet bowl area.

Electric Flush Valve Actuators

Electric flush valve actuators are motorized, mechanical flush actuators, which rely on an electric current or electromagnetic current from an outside source. These types of valve actuators usually incorporate a sensor which is powered by an electrical current. The sensor trips the mechanical actuator, which responds by opening or closing the flush valves. it may operate using ball valves or operate in combination with other types of actuators, such as pneumatic actuators or hydraulic actuators (hydroelectric actuators).

Pneumatic Flush Valve Actuators

Pneumatic flush valve actuators rely on an air stream to open the toilet flush valve. These types of actuators often need a second actuator to close the valve. Pneumatic actuators that contain a compressed spring are referred to as single-acting actuators. Those that are powered pneumatically when opening and closing the flush valve are known as double-acting actuators.

Dual Flush Actuators

Dual flush actuators are designed to conserve water consumption in the home. Dual flush actuators can provide a variety of flushing options from a full flush of the toilet to a half flush. A series of two or more actuators are placed at different heights on the valve body. Hydraulic buttons are used to send varying degrees of pressurized water to the , which in turn opens the flush valve.

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