My Family Community

Sasha Kuhl

Family Rocks!

My family community really matters to me because it supports each other. My family helps each other make decisions and we support each other when we do. I love my family community because we can help each other. We have each other's backs. My family is me, my sister, my mom, my dad, my grandma, my niece, my three aunts and my cousin. These are only a few members of my large family, but we still all have each other. My main family (dad, mom, sister) is were it all started. My sister is 11 years older then me, so I had a lot of support. We all helped each other and that really was what started my family community.

In my community in Minnesota (mom, three aunts, cousin, grandma) my mom's family (mom, three aunts, cousin) hangs out every Saturday. We normally spend birthdays and Hoilidays together and we like to spend the spring time playing Badminton. We consult each other on the things we do in our lives and what is going on in the world today. I normally go to my grandma's house after school. We spend a lot of time together while my mom works. We like to take walks, watch American Idol, and play in the yard. We support each other by spending a lot of time together. She normally comes to most of school activites I'm in (concerts, plays, etc.).

My Arizona family (dad, sister, niece) like to hang out on Saturdays and go to resturaunts. We also like to watch movies and go to parks. My niece is 4 and we like to spend a lot of time with each other. We support each other because we talk about the things happening in my life and about the world's problem.

Family History

My family history is very interesting. On my mom's side, my ancestors come from Ireland, making me part Irish. My dad's side is a little more interesting though. My grandma married twice. One for my uncle, one for my dad. Though, my dad's dad left. My dad only met him three times in his lifetime, I have never met him. When my grandma and him got married, my grandma took his last name. His last name is German. It also means cool in German. My last name is Kuhl. One reason I find this very interesting is because my grandma never changed her last name, so the Kuhl name has lived on in my family. My sister also had the last nam Kuhl, but when she got married, she changed it to Meloche (my brother-in-law's name). On my mom's side I am also English and related to a king in the 1400s.

Communities. Different or Alike?

My community is different from other communities in many ways. For example, my family is atheist so we don't have many of the religious holidays that other community celebrate. My family still celebrates the common Hoilidays though (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Halloween, and the 4th of July). This makes us a very uncommon community because we don't have any traditions. We have annual things, like going to my uncle's for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Others would want to be part of my community because we are atheist, we have all religious equality. Other community's have that but we have many different religions in our cousins so we have to respect all religions.