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Today's Topic: Ancient Greee

Breaking News: New Myths Uncovered!

Myths are very common in ancient Greece. When different things happen in nature, the Greeks believe that Gods/Goddesses are doing different things. When the sun came out, it made the Greeks believe that the Gods were riding their Golden Chariots through heaven. When Spring came, it meant the goddess had returned to Earth to live with her mother. Lightning meant that the gods of the skies were throwing thunderbolts at their enemies.

City Dionysia Occurred Last weekend

The annual festival in Ancient Greece was last weekend. It was another fun time for all Greeks like it always is. This festival is for the god Dionysus. There were contests, choruses, plays, competitions, celebrations and the whole festival was very traditional. Everyone had a great time and they are already planning next years!

Weather Report for Northern Greece

This upcoming spring looks like a rainy one! It will be around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The rain will help tremendously because the summer is going to be very hot and dry with temperatures in the 80's and 90's, so all the moisture we can get now will help! If we do get rain, it will just be thunderstorms so its best to plan on no rain. Starting again in October, the rain will begin again with temperatures dropping to the 70's. In the winter, it will begin to snow, but not constantly. I hope this helps you for the upcoming year of 2014.

Did You Hear?

Olympia, which was the city that the first Olympics were held in was destroyed by natural disaster which we now know that it was tsunamis. The city was untouched for 150 years and then it lay in ruins from 551 CE until 1829. It was found again and "rebuilt". Olympia lay almost 19 miles inland, so these tsunamis were very powerful! Everyone is glad that it was found again and it's in better shape.

Greek Sports

The Olympics were VERY popular in ancient Greece. They were held in Olympia every 4 years so it wasn't too confusing to change cities. Men could only participate if they were free and knew Greek, but NO women were allowed. Some of the sports that the Olympics held were: boxing, running, wrestling, discus and javelin.