Dropped Cone

Cologne, Germany

Background History

The Dropped cone was commissioned by Neumarkt Galerie. It was created by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. It was installed in March of 2001.
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Artist Statement

The commision for this sculpture didn't come from the city of colonge it came from a new shopping mall. It was kind of a weird location but we found it aproprate there. Because the streets of cologne are so congested we decided to put the sculpture on the roof. The sculpture is angled so the melting ice cream is a appering to be dripping over the windows. Even Though our sketch of the sculpure had many colorful flavors coosje reduced the final choice to just plain vanilla.

My Opinion

I really like this sculpture. It is very creative and has very good texture. At first it seemed really werid to put a ice cream cone on top of a building but after i looked at and read about i liked it a lot more.
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