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Super Specials Starts Thursday...

Our first Super Specials schedule begins on Thursday.

The purpose of the August Super Specials is to give you time to plan and collaborate as a team, ensure you are on the same page and teaching the same standards.

During your super specials planning time, you will meet in the front office conference room. After the Panther's Den is complete, we will move Super Specials planning meetings and PD to that location.

For the August Super Specials please bring:

  • Copy of the standards for the units you are planning
  • Unit Pacing guides
  • Lesson Plans
  • RUOS/WUOS kits
  • Math in Practice books and teacher guide

A copy of the schedule is below. The classes will be held in the following locations:

  • Food Corps/Master Gardner (Your classroom)
  • Media Lessons (Media Center)
  • Guidance lessons (Your classroom)
  • Business Partner/ Community (Ms. Cobb's room)

We will be sending out more details about how classes will be split and how the lunch schedule will go later in the week.

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Planning Templates

Sample Standards display

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Park Street Top Ten Essentials...

  1. Implementing Curriculum and Content with fidelity

    1. RUOS/WUOS-

      1. Using the workshop model format and resources

      2. Units of Study Reading and Writing Kits

      3. Personalized learning

    2. Math-

      1. Math workshop model (mini lesson, tasks, station rotations, independent work stations, technology rotation closing)

      2. Math in Practice Resource

      3. Number talks resource

      4. Personalized learning

  2. Lesson Plans

    1. Aligned to standards

    2. General Education- uploaded by Thursday to Google Drive or OneDrive

    3. Special Areas/Support- uploaded by Friday to Google Drive or OneDrive

    4. Include:

      1. Differentiation/Groupings (how are your students grouped?)

      2. Standards (I can statements)

      3. Specialized Instruction (remediation-SPED, EIP, ESOL, & enrichment)

      4. Assessments (Formal, informal, ticket out the door)

  3. PLCs

    1. Attend every Wednesday from 3:45-4:45

    2. Common PLC agenda

    3. Shared with Admin team

  4. PBIS

    1. PBIS Language (R.O.A.R.-Responsible, Organized, Achieve, Goals)

    2. Houses- tracking points in Dojo

    3. Using homeroom incentives

    4. Panther Bucks

  5. Newsletters/Websites

    1. Sent out monthly

    2. Updates for parents

    3. By individual Teacher or grade level

    4. Given to Parent Liaison by 3rd Tuesday of month for translating

    5. Sent out at least last Thursday of month

  6. ROAR Folders

    1. Sent home weekly

    2. Graded Papers

    3. School/PTA flyers

  7. Bulletin Boards

    1. Academic focused (except school welcome back)

    2. Standards based-exemplar work

    3. Up-to-date, non-faded paper or fabric

    4. Fully covered border

  8. Supervision

    1. In rooms (or at duty) ready to receive kids by 8:00am

    2. Students should always be with an adult

  9. Beautification

    1. Hallways clean and clutter free

    2. Boiler Room (please don’t add any items to the boiler room)

    3. Consistency (Hallway signs, PBIS posters, parent flyers)

  10. Movies

    1. Shown during quarterly PBIS celebrations

    2. Shown during a holiday party or end of year activity

Developing a Mission and Vision for Park Street