Animal Farm

Abreeya Thompson


Napoleon is a egotistic and evil pig. Also you can say he is very self centered. He believes

that everything revolve around him. To prove that he named a windmill after him even though he didn't help build it. Another thing that he did was change his mind through out the whole book. Napoleon said, " All animals are created equal." Also he said, " All men are enemies comrades." He ended up changing all the rules and agreeing with man for his own personal needs.


Though out most of the book the pigs said all animals were equal. To find out later on that is not the case. The pigs and the dogs were the only ones that got special treatment. The pigs keep changing the seven commandments for the own selfish needs. They basically were taking advantage the other animals because they didn't know how to read or write.

Battle of the Cowshed

Battle of the cowshed was the first battle of the book. The animals suspected that something was going to happen like that so they were per pared. Everyone on the farm got injured in some way besides the Napoleon. No one really knows were he went but, they know he wasn't there in the action. The good things that came out of that battle was that they won and ended the battle with awards. The sad thing about it was that they lost the sheep but, it still got an award for its bravery.

Beast of England

The Beast of England is the animals national anthem. The anthem showed courage for the animals. It made them feel happy and safe when they song it. They would always sing it on Sundays or even when their working.