Please take the time to read this memo.

Dear Value Client,

As we all know we will be going through a remodel soon, part of the remodel will be moving our main entrance and reception to the back of the building. While this will make our efforts in keeping our common areas cleaner a lot easier it will require for our address to change.

We will get in contact with the USPS office to see what the necessary steps are to forward the mail to the new address during the transition. Please make sure to make any necessary changes with all of your vendors and contacts to avoid any mishandling of your mail. We will give you a set date as to when we will start using the new address as soon as we receive it from our contractors. Please see all information needed below.

Old Address:
1750 Montgomery St
San Francisco, CA 94111

New Address:
1700 Montgomery St.
Suite 101
San Francisco, CA 9411

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of your Regus Team Members if you have any questions or concerns.


Your Regus Team Members - Roxana, Brenda, & Rachelle.