5th Grade News

April 2014 • Clarksville Elementary

Upcoming Dates

3/17-3/21 Artist in Residents ( students work with the professional one hour per day)
3/25 Artist in Residence evening performance students arrive at 6:30 show starts at 7.
3/25 CES Cougar Club activity at River Hill High School in the afternoon. (ALL Students)
3/28 5th grade Cougar Reward Kites ( students who remain on Green with less than 2 Yellows and no reds in March)
3/29 Fifth grade Ice Skating school's out
3/31 and 4/1 MSA Science Harvey AM and Cayer PM
4/3 and 4/4 MSA science Rabinowitz Am Stahl PM
4/4 Battle of the Books in the evening
4/7 and 4/8 MSA Geissler's class AM
4/7 tentative volunteer sandwich making for the Grassroots shelter.
4/23 Fifth grade visits middle school
4/24 1-4 Roller Skating for fifth grade students only
4/26 Spring Fling

What's Happening in fifth grade

Fifth grade needs your help. As the year has progressed we are running low on materials and in need of parents support. We must be doing a ton of writing because we are running low on note book paper and pencils. If you find yourself out please pick up some supplies for us. As we head into the research project we could also use note cards. While your out and about you may wish to pick up dry erase markers or other fun supplies to keep the excitement in the school year for the end of the year.

Parent please take note that in order to better prepare your children for middle school policies. Effective fourth quarter any papers without names will just be recycled and students will receive a 0. This is the policy in the middle school from day 1 and by the end of fifth grade we feel that your children should know enough to put their names on papers. Teachers should not be detectives figuring out handwriting or posting papers for students to claim and resubmit.

It is amazing to think that this fifth grade year is almost at an end. 2 1/2 month WOW the time is going so very fast.

That being said we still have so much to do this year. The children are diligently working on their research projects. For Mr. Cayer, Geissler's and Rabinowitz's class that means researching historic people or places from the Revolutionary War. For Mrs. Harvey and Miss Stahl that means researching the Chesapeake Bay. Each class is also learning about the researching process, how to pull information with out violating copy write laws. We are looking forward to a wonderful publication in the end.
We have also begun to work on our Young Authors books. We look forward to sharing the children's final publications for this wonderful PTA sponsored project with. Each teacher has a different style and different students so the topics for each classes stories depends on the teacher.
The fourth quarter brings exciting science as we look at Newton's laws of motion.
Social studies looks at the government of the United States. Understanding the roles of the different branches of the government. This guides us as we will begin our preparation for the congressional Hearings in May and June. If you are interested in serving as a judge for the congressional Hearings please contact Mrs. Rabinowitz.

The Fifth Grade Team

Laura Harvey, Team Leader - laura_harvey@hcpss.org
Jon Cayer, Teacher - jon_cayer@hcpss.org
Cory Geissler, Teacher - cory_geissler@hcpss.org
Amy Rabinowitz, Teacher - amy_rabinowitz@hcpss.org
Jennifer Stahl, Teacher - jennifer_stahl@hcpss.org
Chris Malen, Para Professional - christine_malen@hcpss.org