Siegrist 16-17

Charting our Course!

Moving your items from Paxton and Rising Star

Admin in each building have bright orange stickers. Each principal is doing it a bit different, so check with your current building admin for direction. Make a note with a LARGE BLACK STAR on the items that you want to bring with you to your room. I know that many of you want to see what will be here when you arrive, which will help you determine what items you have that might be a better fit. Feel free to come on over and check out your room. If you are in a room of a teacher who is going to Compass you can count on all furniture in that room (district owned) staying. If you plan on bringing items those will be in addition to the items in the room. Once we get everything in, then you can ditch (move to the gym) the items that you don't want. I will also be bringing all of the higher quality furniture items from Paxton rooms (teachers going to Compass). You will want to see your current administrator for direction on deadlines of this since each building is staging items for the move differently.

Royals!!!!!!! FUN!

Here is the list of RSVPs (paid in parenthesis). I had 40 tickets on hold and the first 40 to PAY (23 have already paid) will be guaranteed a ticket. I have a call in to get more tickets so I am sure that we will be able to accommodate everyone, but first to pay are the first to get guaranteed tickets.

If I left your name off the list, or you think I missed the payment, let me know. (It could be hiding next to the boogie man under a pile on my desk). If you want to be on the list to get tickets, just send me an email and check and I won't cash until you have a ticket!

Jen McClure (paid)

Rachel Minter (paid)

Sara Miles x2 (paid)

Chelsey Ruffcorn x 2 (paid)

Becca Anderson x2 (paid)

Shannan Roberts x 2 (paid)

Kathleen Scanlon (paid)

Terri Williams (paid)

Amy Poos (paid)

Michele Stoway x 2(paid)

Chris Hayes (paid)

Corrine Jurgensmeyer (paid)

Christy Szabo (paid)

Melanie Duddy x 2 (paid)

Sarah Henley (paid)

Lynette Sunnquist (paid)

Melissa Jenks (paid)

Jim Stoway (paid)

Anna Burnett (paid)

Sheila Perciaval (paid)

Tracy Itao (paid)

Need a check before the end of the year (I am here until June 10) or I will have to release tickets :)

Tyler Crawford

Cherie Thatcher

Dene't Wyckoff

Stephanie Riechers

Jenny McCutcheon x 2

Amber McMillian

Vanessa Deis

Allie Kirschner

Wright +1

Kali Young +1

Tricia Hays

Pam Silver

Peggy Reil

Anna Schaeffer

Jennifer Spare


Choose your Student Innovation Team

The link below is where you will sign up for the student innovation team you would like to facilitate next year. There are 30 different titles (just titles from our Envisioning Day- we need your creative flare to what they will entail), or you can include your own. Just remember that your SIT has to be adding value to the whole building or community. For example, a jogging club doesn't really benefit anyone except the participant. However recess innovation could easily create, teach and facilitate games that can be played at recess. We would really like to partner with community experts on some of these topics, so think if you need a parent/business partner that could help you meet your vision of the SIT. PTA and our parent community will begin to hear about these days in an upcoming email.

The form for SIT is :

Construction and additions to Siegrist

The following are the things that are going to happen at Siegrist over the summer. It is going to be exciting.......Some of the items are being taken to the school board for consideration next week, so please don't count on the items noted until they are approved.

1. Closets are all being constructed as classrooms

2. Current Computer Lab is being transformed to a library classroom area

3. Rooms will get resigned and renumbered

4. Hallway and classroom door jams paint- new color (pending board approval)

5. Flooring- All hallways are bring resurfaced (pending board approval)

6. Main Hallway- Added wall features (pending board approval)

7. All new HVAC system

8. Whole building is being rekeyed (to regain security of the building)

Waiting for future input

1. Paint in classrooms

2. Carpet in classrooms (to ensure moisture and HVAC are working properly)

3. Lockers (future schools are going away from lockers- not completely ruled out....just not this year)

If you have questions about any of this....please don't hesitate to ask. I am very excited about all of this.....Siegrist is getting a FACELIFT!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Week,

Jen and Kali