Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

by Taylor Fater

What I've learned from this project

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder is also known as Heller's syndrome and usually occurs at, at least 2 years of age. children demonstrate a severe loss of social, communication, and other skills after aquiring them. children affected by this disorder seem to develop normally, until around age two when they lose their skills abruptly. there are currently no known causes of CDD and seeing as only 2 of every 100,000 children are affected by this disorder there is very minimal research that has been done on people suffering from CDD.

10 Facts on CDD

1. also known as Heller's syndrome

2. developed at, at least 2 years old

3. children suffering from this disorder show severe regression after years of normal development

4. normally develops later than autism

5. treatment involves medication and behavior therapy

6. symptoms: loss of language, social skills, play, motor skills, and bowel/bladder control

7. doctors have yet to find a cause due to the fact that this condition is so rare

8. tests: genetic testing is used to detect altered genes

9. treatments: cognitive behavior therapy (main treatment)

10. these children show more dramatic loss in skill than children with autism even though CDD is part of a larger category called autism spectrum disorder