Maze Runner

Novel By: James Dashiner

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The main character of Maze runner is a 16 year old boy named Thomas that is brought in to the middle of a colossal maze by a mysterious box. After Thomas arrives to the middle of the maze called the glade things start to change around the small village. One boy named Gally says that he saw him. This shows that Thomas could have something to do with the maze.


The setting in the Maze Runner is a small village called the glade inside the colossal maze that surrounds the small area in the middle. In the village there are multiple areas such as the gardens, The homestead which is the main house of the glade that contains a kitchen. The maze is also one of the settings in the book showing massive walls and long corridors.

Book Review

Dashner knows how to spin a tale and make the unbelievable realistic. Hard to put down, this is clearly just a first installment, and it will leave readers dying to find out what comes next.---Kirkus Reviews

A fast Paced narrative. . . Dashner's suspenseful adventure will keep readers guessing until the very end.---Publishers Weekly

The tantalizing hints of a ravaged world outside make for gripping reading.---Booklist

About James Dashiner

James Dashner now lives in the rocky mountains after living in georgia most of he his childhood. has has 4 kids and use to have a job in accounting. Now he spends most if his time watching movies or reading books.


I would recommend this book to anyone looking a suspenseful book and a book that tries to find out the mystery of unknown. The book brings suspense because u never know what's going to happen in a giant maze with monstrous creatures. You never know what can happen which what makes up the not knowing the unknown part if the book. It makes the reader ask questions on whats real and whats not. Which encourages the reader to read even more.