Revolutions are for the cool kids.

Kaeleigh Holbrook

What is a Political Revolution?

A political revolution is the overthrow of power relating to government affairs. The American Revolution would be considered a political revolution because it involved a big change. In the American Revolution, we broke free from the British control and became our own country.

American Revolution

In the American Revolution, we disconnected ourselves from "the greatest" military force of its time. "The British military was arguably the finest in the world. They were all well armed and expertly trained, with the resources of a wealthy nation behind them. The Americans, on the other hand were poorly situated in every single category. In fact, the Continental Army struggled to the very end of the war to maintain itself."

Costs and Benefits?

Benefits of a Political Revolution would be a positive outcome. For example, in the American Revolution a cost would be that we had to start all over; but a benefit would be we were no longer under Britain's control, so we can handle things how we wanted them to be handled.