Short Track Speed Skating

Sochi Olympics 2014

Short Track Speed Skating!

Short Track Speed Skating is my game and it's going to Sochi!

How the game is played, and the rules of the game!!

Objective: Be the first to skate around the 111.12 meter ice track as quickly as possible to be the first across the finish line!

There are two different types of short track: Individual Events, and Team Events. You compete on an elimination basis. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner; time is not a factor in short track.

Individual Skating: 32 racers compete in groups of four athletes at a time. After the race, the top two racers are identified and they then go on to compete in the next round. This process is continued until the final four racers are identified. The final four then go on and compete for the medals.

Relay Skating: The relay involves eight teams of four each. The team then decides how many laps each individual skater will skate. The only exception is when you come to the last two laps, which have to be raced by the same skater (as long as this skater has not been injured.) The first two teams from each semi-final will go to the finals.

What you need to play!!

  1. Each skate is made unique for each racer. The skates are made to especially fit the sole of your foot and your ankle while racing. The blades are extremely sharp and they are 40-46 cm long.

  2. Skaters wear special stiff gloves for on the ice so that when you are skating, you don’t get cut by the blades.

  3. Short track helmets are made from a special plastic to protect athletes from any head injuries.

  4. Special skin tight suits that mold to the skaters skin to reduce the wind resistance.

  5. Knee, elbow, and neck guards are often needed for additional protection.


Short track speed skating was developed in Canada and in the U.S.A. It was invented in 1905 and it was adopted by the ISU (International Skating Union) in 1967.

Events and results!!

Men's 500m: Gold- Victor An

Silver- Dajing Wu

Bronze- Charle Cornoyer

Men's 1,000m: Gold- Victor An

Silver- Vladimir Grigorev

Bronze- Sjinkie Knegt

Men's 1,500m: Gold- Charles Hamelin

Silver- Tianyu Han

Bronze- Victor An

Men's 5,000m relay: Gold- Team Russia

Silver- United States

Bronze- China

Women's 500m: Gold- Jianrou Li

Silver- Arianna Fontana

Bronze- Seung-Hi Park

Women's 1,000m: Gold- Seung-Hi Park

Silver- Kexin Fan

Bronze- Suk Hee Shim

Women's 1,500m: Gold- Yang Zhou

Silver- Suk Hee Shim

Bronze- Arianna Fontana

Women's 3,000m relay: Gold- Korea

Silver- Canada

Bronze- Italy