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The Items You Need to be Visible at Night

Sometimes, the only thing that can stand between life and death is a high visibility sportswear. For people who love to run, walk or cycle during the night, it is always important to be cautious about safety. Anything can happen during the night that is why it is important that you take precautionary measure to ensure your safety. To be seen or be visible during the night can help you stay safe, hence the need for reflective nightwear and items that can help you stay visible such as high visibility clothing or premium sportswear.

Proviz has been known to be a leading and internationally awarded sports brand that provides high quality and high visibility sportswear. Here at Proviz, we make sure that the products we sell have been subjected into continuous rounds of development in order to make sure of their effectiveness and quality. We value our customers very much that is why we have created and designed our products to cater them in every aspect possible regardless of terrain, weather condition or abilities.

So if ever you are running or cycling out at night, safety must be your priority. Stay visible with these night visibility items:

· Reflective Vests. The thing with high visibility clothing is that they are fluorescent during the day but reflective at night. This means that after the sun had set, high visibility clothing shifts from glowing to reflecting. Reflective vests are able to reflect back the lights from various light sources such as cars, posts, flashlights, etc. This reflective quality would help you stay visible and catch the attention of speeding vehicles and people.

· Flashlights. You can’t be really safe if you can’t see where you are going.

· Reflective Gloves. Reflective gloves function the same way as reflective vests. They are characterized by the reflective strips down on each finger and a reflective triangle on the palm.

· Reflective Scarf. When it is cold and you need a scarf, you can use a reflective scarf lined with reflective strips.

· LED Dog Leash. If you are walking your dog at night, it would be best to have a glowing dog leash so that you and your dog can easily be seen. You’ll not only be safe, but you’ll also be walking your dog in style.